Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Kruse Electronics AG

To achieve good environmental practices and operate in a sustainable manner Kruse Electronics AG believes that companies have a responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner. We are therefore committed to reducing our environmental impact and continuously improving our environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and operations.  

It is our priority to encourage all business partners, customers and suppliers to do the same. Not only does this make good economic sense for everyone; it is also about fulfilling our duty of care towards future generations.

It is our policy

  • Fully supporting and complying or exceeding the requirements of current environmental legislation and codes of conduct.
  • Minimize our waste and reuse or recycle as much of it as possible.
  • Minimize energy and water consumption in our buildings and vehicles.
  • Encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation and, where appropriate, car sharing and the operation and maintenance of company vehicles (where applicable), with due regard to environmental considerations, where reasonably practicable.
  • Apply the principles of continuous improvement to water and air.
  • As far as possible, buy products and services that have the least impact on the environment and encourage others to do the same. Assess the environmental impact of any new process or products we intend to introduce in advance.

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