Supply Chain Solutions For Electronics Components

BOM Evaluations/AML Alternative Solutions

Our experts can provide BOM evaluations and alternative cross solutions.

Cost-Reduction Strategies

We can save you money on specific high-dollar, high-running products through our network you are currently buying from direct suppliers or franchise distributors.

Design & Engineering

We deliver customer value by focusing on product and process innovation. Kruse Electronics AG provides exceptional services including solutions, design-in services, technical support and logistics.

Delivering Solutions

Kruse Electronics is your international partner for complex electronic solutions along your entire supply chain.

Focusing on product and process innovation, Kruse Electronics provides exceptional services including solutions, design-in services , technical support and logistics.

Our service is not optimal until we find a solution that contributes to added value and gives our customer a competitive edge.

We deliver Customer Value by:

  • Technical Support
  • Development tools
  • Samples
  • Regularly exceeding customer expectations
  • Fulfilling customer promises constantly
  • Complying with government regulations

End of Life / Obsolescence

With our network, we’re able to source those critical “end of life” (EOL) parts or offer replacement solutions. Kruse can help you manage product lifecycles and proactively plan for changes so that you can easily avoid supply chain disruptions.

Excess Inventory

Kruse offers a number of standard solutions for inventory management and reduction. Our expertise is creating markets to move that excess product for you by creating markets in other locations to maximize your ROI.

Global Sourcing and Logistics

As a leading electronic components distributor, Kruse offers fast, global components sourcing.

Kruse have strong relationships with regional suppliers to support customer demand. Our global logistics team that is dedicated to ensuring the product we ship you arrives efficiently and on time.

Inventory Management

We can hold material for you at one of our logistics and quality hubs and send to you when needed, through tailored agreements that meet your needs.


Kruse can bag, tag and package electronic components together to ship as a single unit on your behalf.

Shortage Management

Kruse’s procurement teams provides access to billions of electronic parts globally and know how to navigate the fluctuating electronic-component market where pockets of tightness are active.