Chipanalog has launched a new high-precision voltage reference source with low temperature drift (<1ppm/℃)!

As a supplier of high-performance analog chips, Chipanalog has always maintained the development of high-tech in this field, focusing on isolation, interface, high-performance analog and other product lines, constantly increasing its research and development, continuing to cultivate, and striving to break through technology Barriers, to provide the market with top-notch high-end analog chips.

Recently, Chipanalog CA-VR9025X series of high-precision voltage reference sources came into the market. This series of products can provide temperature drift as low as 1ppm/℃, 2.5V output, and the performance index can be called the world level.

The CA-VR9025X series high-precision voltage reference source adopts the innovative bandgap reference source circuit protected by patented technology, which perfectly compensates the second-order and high-order temperature characteristics caused by the Bipolar transistor theoretically, and achieves the industry’s first-class temperature stability, so as to meet high Applications in precision data acquisition, high-resolution data converters, high-precision measurement devices, industrial instruments, and automotive battery monitoring and management.

Chipanalog has launched a new high-precision voltage reference source with low temperature drift (

The figure below shows the measured data of the 2.5V voltage reference source of CA-VR9025X. The maximum temperature drift of the 6 test samples shown in the figure is 0.92ppm/°C at full temperature (-40 to 125°C).

CA-VR9025X series products have the following features:

1) Provide 2.5V voltage output;

2) Two accuracy specifications are available:

CA-VR9025A Temperature drift coefficient <1ppm/°C (temperature range 0 to 85°C);

CA-VR9025B temperature drift coefficient <3ppm/°C (temperature range -40 to 125°C);

3) The maximum input power supply voltage is 15V, and the minimum input voltage is VOUT+1V;

4) 0.1Hz-10Hz output noise is less than 10uVPP;

5) Excellent power supply suppression characteristics, the source regulation rate is less than 5ppm/V;

6) Excellent load regulation rate, the load regulation rate is less than 20ppm/mA;

7) Compatible with mainstream voltage reference package and pin definition, SOP8 package.

In the future, Chipanalog will further enrich the product categories of isolation, interface, high-performance analog, drive and power supply and other product lines, continue to develop core technologies, and promote the continuous improvement of corporate competitiveness.