Geehy APM32E103/F072 series MCUs certified to IEC60730

Recently, Geehy’s APM32E103/APM32F072 series MCUs have successfully passed the IEC 60730 safety standard. It provides an IEC 60730 safety class B library to effectively ensure the safe operation of embedded home appliance control hardware and software while reducing the time and cost of the end-product certification process.

Via IEC 60730

Electronic applications often require MCUs to perform various self-tests to circumvent unexpected hardware failures during product operation, thus improving their reliability. Annex H of IEC 60730, issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission, regulates various technical measures for embedded control software and hardware of most consumer electrical equipment, which can effectively control random hardware failures and avoid potential risks due to systemic failures.

IEC 60730 functional safety design package
Geehy APM32E103/F072 series MCUs certified to IEC60730

The APM32E103 series MCU, powered by Arm® Cortex®-M3 core, is Geehy’s first upgraded E-series MCU based on the performance of APM32F103×E, with 120MHz high frequency, Flash 512KB, SRAM 128 KB and optimized multiple interfaces. Its expanded storage space meets users’ needs for more development applications.

Based on the ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core, the APM32F072 series MCU operates at a frequency of 48MHz, 128KB Flash and 16KB SRAM; supports full speed USB2.0 without external crystal; Built-in HDMI CEC allows efficient control of multiple types of CEC audio and video devices; The integrated TSC touch sensor controller can accurately identify touch input commands in different usage scenarios.

Complete functional safety ecosystem

After IEC 61508 industrial control functional safety certification and automotive electronics AEC-Q100 qualification, on September 20, Geehy passed ISO 26262 functional safety management system certification, which means it has a complete functional safety ecosystem has built and can provide users with stable, reliable, safe and controllable quality products and services!